Some views of Vedrette di Ries - Rieserferner

Should you wish to take a geological field trip here, please download the following guide:

Cesare B., Fioretti A. and Rosenberg C. (2004) The periadriatic intrusion of Vedrette di

Ries - Rieserferner (eastern Alps): petrology, emplacement mechanisms and contact aureole.
32nd IGC, B17 Field Trip Guide Book. Published by APAT – Italian Agency for the
Environmental Protection and Technical Services - Rome, 36pp.



Rifugio Forcella Valfredda (Rieserferner Hütte): the summer house of my friend Gottfried

A lovely place: the ice-polished granitoids northeast of Monte Nevoso (Scneebiger Nock)


View from Rifugio Roma (Kasselerhütte) towards Cima Dura (Durreck)