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I am professor of Petrology at the Department of Geosciences of the University of Padova, Italy.

I received my Ph.D. in Geological Sciences in 1992 and a 'Laurea in Scienze Geologiche' in 1987 from the University of Padova.

My current research interests are:

  • Crustal melting and Migmatites
  • Metamorphic Petrology
  • Metamorphism and anatexis of graphitic rocks
  • Fluid and melt inclusions and fluid-rock interactions during HT metamorphism and crustal melting
  • Biotite in high temperature metapelites
  • Alpine Geology
  • Photomicrography

I was the Coordinator of the
Marie Curie Project "EURISPET" (European Intensive Seminars of Petrology)

I am the Coordinator of the ACME (Advances in Crustal MElting) Group at Geosciences, Padua


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: some details

List of publications

MicROCKScopica - Rock Art  

Bernardo Cesare
Dipartimento di Geoscienze
Via Gradenigo, 6 - 35131 Padova (ITALY)
Fax: +39-49-8279148
Tel.: +39-49-8279134

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