Advances in Crustal MElting


Welcome to the webpage of the ACME group at the University of Padova

The Advances in Crustal MElting (ACME) research group at the Department of Geosciences in Padova brings together scientists with differentiated expertise in the fields of Earth Sciences, working on crustal melting. We aim to better understand anatectic processes by means of natural examples.

The partial melting of the Earth's crust is an extremely important process. In fact, it represents the main agent of differentiation of the continental crust and has effects on the rheology of the lithosphere and on its geodynamics.

From a petrological and geochemical point of view, there is a strong urge for a better chemical characterization of natural anatectic melts. This can be achieved through the study of anatectic melt inclusions preserved as glass or crystallized as nanogranitoids.

We are developing a rigorous analytical approach for the microstructural, geochemical and mineralogical analysis of the inclusions that involves both traditional methods and cutting-edge techniques.