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EURopean Intensive Seminars of Petrology

A Marie Curie Series of Events funded by the EU FP6

In a Series of six Schools, running between 2007 and 2010, young European researchers in metamorphic petrology will convene with world-class scientists to learn the state of the art in the relevant disciplines of their research.
The intensive, residential format of the Schools will enhance transfer of knowledge, sharing of experience, building of contacts for future career and research developments.
This web site acts as a permanent repository of teaching material, and as an active forum for discussion and dissemination.
The events aim at forming the core of the next generation of researchers in Metamorphic Petrology, characterised by interdisciplinary, high training level and greater attention to application to industry and society.

EURISPET is run by a network of six partners:

  • University of Padova (Bernardo Cesare, coordinator)
  • Eotvos University - Budapest (Csaba Szabo)
  • ANU-Canberra (Daniela Rubatto)
  • University of Granada (Maria Teresa Gomez-Pugnaire)
  • IPGP-Paris (Gaston Godard)
  • ETH Zurich (Peter Ulmer)

The six Schools and their themes will be:

ParisOctober 2007
State-of-the-art analytical and imaging techniques in petrology
CanberraFebruary 2008Isotopes applied to petrological problems
BudapestAugust 2008Petrology of the lithosphere in extensional settings
GranadaJune 2009High-pressure metamorphism and subduction zones
PadovaJune 2010High-temperature metamorphism and crustal melting
ZurichNovember 2010Experimental Petrology and Rock Deformation


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Financed by the European Union
Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses
EURISPET - MSCF-CT-2006-046048